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Spoiler sind Informationen und Fakten, die einem das Lesen oder Schauen einer Serie verderben können (daher auch Spoiler, vom englischen to spoil=verderben). Deswegen sollten diejenigen, die nicht zu viel erfahren wollen, an dieser Stelle aufhören zu lesen. Hier findet ihr die aktuellen Spoiler zum neuen Naruto Kapitel, sofern es welche gibt, zusammengefasst vor. Da es nur vage Informationen sind, kann es sein, dass sich im Kapitel noch einige, wenn nicht sogar alle, Dinge geändert haben.


  1. 397

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  • Tobi: .... you must listen (as it is your responsibility?)

For all shinobi... for all of those in Konoha, and ultimately for his little brother, he had risked his life. Your brother Uchiha Itachi's admirable way of life!


To protect you... Sasuke

Spoiler Script - 01

Chapter 397: Afterglow!

Somewhere in the forest lurks Akatsuki...

  • Voice 1: So what happened?


  • Zetsu: Sasuke won.. Itachi lost.

Voice 1 turns out to be Pain!

  • Pain: Did he lose or did he die?
  • Zetsu: Criticial conditions.. Madara can't tell yet. His breathing stopped when we brought him back but I think he's still alive.
  • Pain: We'll need him to get to Naruto..


  • Shino: My bugs can trace the Akatsuki members!
  • Naruto: They'll have Sasuke, let's go!
  • Kakashi: (Who is that man?!)


  • Konan: ... Itachi?
  • Itachi: (eyes opening) Konan...?
  • Konan: You lost.
  • Itachi: He's gotten stronger... Akatsuki can make good use of him.
  • Konan: Madara wants to use him... Itachi, he surpasses you.
  • Itachi: I can't see that grim smile on your face, Konan. I'm blind.
  • Konan: Of course I have the smile, Itachi Uchiha. You failed. You lost to your little brother - Sasuke Uchiha.

(Konan proceeds out of the room)

  • Konan: If you want to see again, you'll have to beg when Madara comes back. Pain needs you too.

(After Konan leaves..)

  • Itachi: Sasuke...


  • Tobi: Sasuke Uchiha, I am Madara.
  • Sasuke: You helped slay MY clan...
  • Tobi: Your clan?! The Uchihas had no benefit to me. Only those with the power to change the world matter to me.
  • Sasuke: That flaw in you is your downfall, Madara. I can't take you like this, but mark my words, you'll die at the hands of an Uchiha.
  • Tobi: What goes around comes around, friend...

(Tobi proceeds towards Sasuke)

  • Sasuke: ..?!
  • Tobi: Itachi isn't dead (laughs)... you'll die at the hands of him.
  • Sasuke: ..?!


Spoiler Script - 02

Image of Tobi without mask

Lateral : the real face come out, now the true will see the light?

  • Tobi : oh boy, you are very irritable...
  • Sasuke : You are..
  • Tobi : I talk with you in a few moments but please be quiet.
  • Tobi hit Sasuke and he is K.O
  • Zetsu : Well... let's go
  • Zetsu 2: Wait, I sense someone.
  • Tobi : this boy...are you sure?
  • Zetsu : I go to see
  • Zetsu 2 : Don't need, he is here.
  • Zetsu : what are you talking about?
  • Zetsu 2 : ... maybe i'm confused.
  • Tobi : Well i can't sense anybody. let's go.

Change image

Inside forest we see 2 members of akatsuki (dark), one of they are sit on a tree.

  • 1 : Are you exausted? You was surrounding the death.
  • 2 : You are... i can't see you.
  • 1 : Hmm, you are completely blind.
  • 2 : Your voice... it's possible?
  • 1 : Yes... how much time Itachi?
  • Itachi : More than 10 years.
  • 1 : Let's see your eyes.


  • 1 : I can't do nothing for your sharingan, but you can recover your vision. It's better than nothing right?
  • Itachi : yes. My brother, where are
  • 1 : Madara catch he.
  • Itachi : He is strong. But no have combat experience.
  • 1 : Don't worry in a few years he becomes more stronger than you.
  • Itachi : I know, but....
  • 1 : ...but you can't see it right?... how it's your heart?
  • Itachi : ...
  • 1 : Well i need return to my work.
  • 1 : ... Itachi... Madara is going to Konoha
  • Itachi : !
  • 1 : Don't worry he can't do the ritual without you... he take a Pein's death corpose.
  • 1 : well...remember, you are "death", anyone can't see you at the moment. I contact with you at the moment to fight Madara, in this time can you do a favour ourself? Don't force your heart
  • 1 : Bye Itachi

The akatsuki member open a "spacial"
  • door and left.

three images of Itachi's vision, the fist show us completly darkness, second show us how itachi is recovering his vision, and the last we see that itachi's vision is completely recovered.

  • Itachi : Thank you Nagato.